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     I was born in Athens, Greece by young parents, growing up in a very controversial

background. At this time there were military regimes and political instabilities. I was

primarily with my Grandmother, a refugee from Anatolia (ex-colonial community

of Greece). She had escaped from a Turkish Empire Genocide (1922-1925). I would

listen to her stories and her profound sentimental attachment of those magical lands. It

was an introduction (interaction) of story telling and narratives of many intriguing

realities of this dreaming epoch of time. This had an immense impact on me, spending

my childhood with her profoundly shaped my personality. I became an explorer, traveler

and dreamer inspired by her narratives of The Silk Road of Anatolia. Eventually all of

this helped me deal with challenging times while growing up in Athens.

     After finishing high school in Athens, I immersed myself studying Hotel Management

at the University of Bologna in Rimini, Italy. I then continued studies in Paris for two

years on Art and Civilization. My encounter with those two beautiful countries and

societies allowed in me a sense of relief from what took place in Greece when I was


    While studying in Italy while at a public library, two different books fell into my hands.

One about dreams and one about the reality of other existing dimensions. Carlos

Castaneda’s book was one that brought about ways of shaping dreaming realities. The

other was King Solomon and his Kingdom of Magical Seals. Both books inspired life

altering transformations.

     Toward the end of my studies I moved to New York City and then to Miami Beach

where I was a manager of two well known Italian restaurants. Eventually opening my

own restaurant called Mediterraneo. Surprisingly, a coincidence started to happen these

days when I had a dream about the author of The Alchemist, Paolo Coelho. This had a

strong impact with unexplained phenomena occurring in my life. After the dream I was

introduced to him through auspicious circumstances. Meeting Paolo Coelho, I was

motivated to close my restaurant and begin yet another path.

     From this moment, through synchronicity and guidance I found my way to move to

Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is where my spiritual search and exploration truly began.

In the course of time, I visited with a local indigenous tribe of the Southwest. Through

many signs I was guided to meet a group of people studying the Toltec path dreaming

practices. I met a man called Don Miguel Ruiz and his ex-wife Donna Gaia. I also

studied with a Nagual woman called Donna Bernadette, writer of “Mastery of

Awareness” for 5 years. I traveled to Greece with both of them then later on my own to

Teotichuacan and Oaxaca, Mexico to extend my studies examining the Mi-tote and

Dream practices. Eventually I was initiated as the Nagual of the group in a simple


     At this time I also became involved with Uniao do Vegetal. In this group the practice

of the ancient lineage of King Solomon is used through the ingestion of hoasca from the

rainforests of Brazil. This introduction was fortunate and profound knowing that hidden

knowledge was available to me through these ceremonies. Eventually I visited Brazil

and various temples of this tradition. Yet it was still unclear which direction to follow at

this point. Both lineages were coincidental realities from my youth, a memory of the two

books I found in the library.

     While at another bifurcation in my path, I was operating as a coordinator for the Natural

Medicine University, Santa Fe, NM, meanwhile meeting a brujo shaman visting from Tarapoto, Peru.

During this visit then in Peru in his clinic I witnessed his treatments of various ailments such as     psychosomatic psychological and neurological disorders. A relationship developed during this time with

him as he invited me to watch him work. I saw many ailments cured such as various

Cancers, PTSD, and many other psychological and physical diseases, often within


     After this profound experience I decided to return to the U.S.A. to study alternative

therapies such as Cranial Sacral, Ayurvedic Head Massage and Marma and Meridian Points  therapy

Reflexology of Ingham method.  I explored many other healing modalities and

in the process I made a visit to India to further my knowledge. Concluding my studies, I

decided to return to the Amazon jungle of Peru as a therapist.

     This time I wanted to further my studies with the well known Elder Maestro Solon. I

spent 7 years with this man I honor until now in my heart. He had the impeccable nature

of a Saint, serving both good and light. During this time with him I traveled deeper into

the surrounding area of Iquitos and the Amazon. I met with the indigenous communities

of the Boras and Witoto people with whom I became close friends. I learned about the

need for strict diets, medicinal remedies, meditation and isolation in order to cultivate

and integrate the information coming from source energies. I also learned the valuable

lesson of remaining true to my core, always aligned with my higher self and remain in


     Eventually I returned to Iquitos to open my practice for the first time as an alternative

therapist in the Casona Hotel. After many years as a practitioner in Iquitos I made a visit

to Cusco to study with a well known doctor of Lymphatic Drainage and Visceral

Massage. While there I met and married my soul mate. We now have two beautiful

children, one born in Iquitos and the other in Santa Fe, NM.

     My dream is to return to Amazonia and create an Ecological Healing Arts Center for

all people in need of healing and renewal. As is said by David Spangler. “Our intent at

first is not to build it but to perceive it; not to plan for it but to understand it. Not to create

it but to be it. Out of perception, out of understanding, out of being but by feeling it will

emerge. The seed will grow and the image will come into focus.

To operate with the principal of light, peace love and service to humanity as co-creative process.