I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as a healing practitioner who combines Cranial Sacral therapy with ayurveda head massage Reflexology and meridian energy medicine. I believe the combination of these three modalities is ideal to connect the essential polarities of the human body and encourage its natural abilities.

In addition to training in these traditional therapies; I have lived and spent the past twenty years examining and studying rain-forest medicine and shamanic traditions of their ethno-botanical rituals and ceremonies. I served as a faculty member at the University  of Natural Medicine and was empowered as an Emissary Coordinator to assist the Amazonian and Andean cultures in the preservation of natural resources, knowledge, indigenous wisdom, and sacred ways. I was also trained in the Nagual path in the ancient Toltec tradition in New Mexico and Mexico.

For me there is no dichotomy between the intuitive wisdom of ancient indigenous cultures; and the Western scientific knowledge of healing practices. On the contrary; I see it as a tribute to the complimentary nature of two opposites that unite in order to restore health and harmony.

I work in both the cities of Cusco of the Andes; and Iquitos of the Amazon River as a healing practitioner of many years. My wife is from Cusco; and my son was born in the Amazon. The greatest gifts that have come from this union have been the creation of the familial bonds and surrounding community. To this day, my passion for Peru and its sacred traditions have empowered me to help renew our relationship with the Divine Feminine within all of us.

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Discover Your Hidden
Dreams in the Amazon

Discover the hidden dreams within the beauty of the
Amazon; where you, along with a small group of like minded
individuals will be introduced to a family within the Huitoto
tribe. You will learn of their lifestyle, relationships, and
healing methods as they are applied towards your benefit.


Regular posting with thoughts, inspirations, and other
expressions from the heart will appear in this section of the
website. This is our way of connecting with you; in bridging
the gap that our society has created; and that the Internet is
creating to nourish our need to care about each other.


This is the story of my journey from my heritage; through
the beginning of my true awakening; finding the purpose
and passion that has filled my life with love; and coming
to the present moment where with the support and
nurturance of my family; we bring our passion to you with
the help of the Internet.